2001 Bay Wolves

Age Year:  2001

Gender:  Female

League Play:  BBSL

Seasons:  Tournaments and Spring


Team Contact Information

Head Coach
Dannielle Midkiff


Assistant Coach
John Montanye


Mike Manning



5/27/18 SAC Columbia Memorial Day Champions
 2016 Penn Legacy Division A Champions
2016 Colonial College Showcase Finalists
2016 OBGC Capital Cup Division A 3rd Place
2016 Gettysburg Battlefield Blast 3rd Place
2016 BBSL Spring Division A Champions
2015 BBSL Fall Division A Finalists
2015 Chesapeake Kickoff Challenge 3rd Place
2015 The Marylander Finalists
2015 WAGS 4th Division Champions
2014 SAC Columbus Day Tournament 3rd Place
2014 LTSC Soccer Tournament Champions
2013 Carroll Indoor Champions
2013 Challenge Cup Finalists
2012 Four Seasons Indoor Champions
2012 Columbia Fall Classic Finalists
2012 Hagerstown Mason Dixon Cup 3rd Place
2012 LDC Coppa Classic Champions